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When to Celebrate?

Betty White Day activity celebrating her life on her 100th birthday date 17/1/2022

It was a very sad day when we heard about the passing of Betty White just short of her 100th birthday.
Betty was a much-loved actress and comedian and hosting a Betty White Day on her birthdate on the 17th of January to celebrate her life would be a wonderful idea in aged care, here are a few ideas.

Ideas for a Betty White birthday celebration


Let's make it Golden!

Decorate the dining room with gold and white metallic balloons and table decorations. Print out a few photos of Betty and the Golden Girls and place them around the room.

Dress up

Encourage four staff to dress up as the Golden Girls for a fun afternoon tea or morning tea as Rose, Dorothy, Blanche & Sophia.

Run a Quiz

We have prepared a Betty White quiz for your seniors event. 


Play the theme song from the Golden Girls, “Thank you for being a friend” at the beginning and the end of your Betty White theme day.


The Golden Girls loved Cheesecake! and would always end the show with a slice around the kitchen table. 

"Let's slice this baby up and see if we can solve our problems"
"It's always time for cheesecake!"

Use all the best china and cake plates and serve cheesecake the Golden Girls favorite dessert with coffee and tea.


Encourage everyone to talk about golden moments in their lives.

Research and talk about all the wonderful charities Betty White supported in her life to do with animals and wildlife.

Watch an episode

Have fun and finish the afternoon with a Golden Girls show on TV for everyone to watch.
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Debbie is the owner of Memory Lane Therapy and an experienced Activity coordinator for Aged care. Her passion is Music, Arts, Crafts and making people Laugh and Smile.


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