Betty White & The Golden Girls Quiz

Activities for Seniors | By Debbie Davison
Betty White was widely known to seniors around the world for her cute and lovable personality in the comedic series "The Golden Girls." Let's celebrate the life of Betty White with seniors in aged care with this fun quiz.
1. Betty White appeared on which popular magazine cover and had a story in it for her upcoming 100th birthday celebrations?
(a) People Magazine

2. How many times was Betty married?
(a) 3

3. Betty White lost her 3rd husband in 1981 he was the love of her life what was his name?
(a) Allen Lundden

4. Betty White donated a lot of time and money to charities for who or what cause close to her heart?
(a) Animal charities, welfare and shelters also the Los Angeles Zoo

5. Betty was an actress on the Mary ————— Show in 1973 - 1977 as Sue Ann Nivens.
(a) Tyler (Mary Tyler Moore Show)

6. Betty played Rose in which show on television?
(a) The Golden Girls

7. How many women lived together in the house on Golden Girls?
(a) 4

8. What were their names in the show?
(a) Rose, Sophia, Dorothy and Blanche

9. What was the theme song played at the beginning of the Golden Girls TV show?
(a) Thank you for being a friend

10. Where was the house located in that the Golden Girls lived in on the show?
(a) Miami Florida

11. At the end of nearly every show the women all meet in the kitchen late at night and always shared which popular desert together?
(a) Cheesecake

12. In the Golden Girls who’s mother was Sophia?
(a) Dorothy

13. What kind of personality did Betty Whites character Rose play in the Golden Girls?
(a) Kind but a bit ditzy

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