Can robots take care of the elderly?

In the UK 1.2 million elderly people are chronically lonely and with the elderly population growing there are not enough young people to provide care and support. Now researchers and developers are looking at new and innovative ways to help support the growing care needed for the elderly population.

Further trials in retirement homes in Europe and the UK are underway.

Ana Santos a caregiver is Portugal says “I think in the future these robots could be useful tools, they could, for instance, provide interactive games that could stimulate the cognitive-communication process of elderly people. Robots could allow them to engage in conversation which is needed because these people live alone at home and they speak less and less.”

An elderly volunteer says “I live alone and this robot could help in various aspects of life. For instance, the robot could help me remember when to take my medication which is very important for me.”
83-year-old Bill has been living on his own for 7 years since his wife died. Like Bill, many elderly in the UK are facing chronic loneliness. What part could robots play in the future to help care for the elderly? 
How robots can enhance the lives of Europe's elderly citizens
What do you think of robots caring for the elderly? 
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