Alzheimer’s & Diet | Dr Neal Barnard MD

In 1993 a study began from the Chicago Health and Ageing Project – they brought in a group of 1000’s of healthy people and they carefully tracked what they were eating and they observed the group over many years. They studied links between what they had been eating and their cognitive impairment over time.

Valentine’s Forever

It’s been over 5 years since Marjorie moved in to the facility and Bill has visited her every day. He wanders over there and Marjorie see’s him through the facility window, they look at each other and kiss through the glass window before he goes inside. Bill brings her chocolates everyday if he remembers.

Sweet Silent Disco

A local fitness coach is making a big impact across aged care centers in the South West of England with his Sweet Silent Disco!

From the Author: October Update from Outback Australia

Hello everybody, We have been very busy with our Sing-along and now our boxed card sets to use in activities. I am currently in Darwin at the top of Australia but heading back to Perth Western Australia in just over two weeks time. I will be travelling by road in my four wheel drive towing […]
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