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Hello my name is Debbie I come from Perth, Western Australia. I worked in aged care as an Activity Coordinator for 8 years, I now run this online aged care resource Memory Lane Therapy. 

We launched our ‘Sing-along for Seniors dvd’ in 2014 and around this time my husband came home from his mining job and declared it was time to hang up the boots. So we decided to sell our house and travel around Australia with our caravan and go on new adventures. I was hoping we hadn’t made a big mistake, but to my surprise it was the start of a new and exciting time in our lives.
The past 3 years we have travelled around Australia stopping at every little country town, outback community and city visiting aged care centers to perform and share the fantastic gift that music brings to the elderly peoples lives.
Great Australian Bite - South Australia
During our second year on the road we decided to take a job working on a cattle station in the Northern Territory on a very remote area on a 1 million acre property. It was an amazing place filled with wonderful sights of kangaroos, crocodiles and picturesque waterfalls. We had many caretaking duties to keep us busy, taking care of the horses and the many animals. In the evenings we would sit and enjoy a glass of wine under the big starry sky.
Bullo River Station - Northern Territory 
Lake Argyle - Kununurra WA
Our travels have now led us back to living in a beach town in Western Australia where we will spend a few month catching up with friends and family and visiting some of my friends at Bethanie Beachside Aged care where I used to work. My son and I have almost finished Sing-along for Seniors Volume 2, it has been 2 years in the making and have put so much love and care into it. We have been playing it to the residents at Bethanie and they are really loving it as we know you will to.

I hope you enjoyed my update everyone, please connect with me on email and join our facebook page for lots of great aged care activity ideas. We have some great things planned for 2018, we will be sharing lots of activities throughout the year. Wishing
You all Health, wealth and prosperity in 2018.

Lots of Love

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