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For the first time ever the AFL Grand Final will be held in Perth Western Australia on Saturday the 25th September 2021 at 12:30 pm WA time and at the Optus Stadium. This is due to the covid restrictions still in place in Victoria.

I always make it a special day for my residents who love AFL football and create a great atmosphere for the day.

Many of the senior residents really enjoy football including those living with Alzheimer's and dementia. This event is suitable for every part of your residential aged care facility. 

How to Set up a great Grand Final Day Event

I would buy paper streamers in the teams colours and blow up coloured balloons to place around the room where we would be watching the game on a large TV screen.

Footy food is an important part of the event so I would supply small party pies, sausage rolls and of course tomato sauce to dip them in. I would also have small ice cream buckets and spoons for everyone to enjoy.
I would bring or borrow team coloured scarves and hats for some of the residents to wear.
I would ask our arts and craft residents to make streamers on handles for people to shake and cheer as they watch the game.

Before the match we would have a football trivia quiz. Play the grand final teams football songs and get everyone feeling excited to sit down and watch the game. Always a fun day for everyone even if they aren’t mad football fanatics.

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Debbie Davison
Debbie is the owner of Memory Lane Therapy and an experienced Activity coordinator for Aged care. Her passion is Music, Arts, Crafts and making people Laugh and Smile.


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