Nurturing Therapy using simulated pets and babies

Fun for seniors
This therapy with observations and family support can bring much comfort and joy to many people. Most residents at some point in their life have had close bonds with babies and much loved pets, so the benefits of introducing them back into their lives can be comforting giving them a sense of purpose, bring back joyful memories and have positive effects.

There are so many wonderful animals and babies on the market now with life like characteristics like opening eyes, breathing up and down and purring. For the residents who will be given a baby they should be encouraged to choose their own from two or three and if a bond is formed their baby should not be shared with other residents.

A resident could have a bassinet in their own room with change table and baby clothes, or a designated area for a baby nursery with several bassinets etc. Like real parents, residents need to take a break from babies from time to time so babies need to be put down for sleeps and at meal times. Virtual pets can be introduced when a resident is upset, agitated or feeling down. To see an elderly person cuddle, talk to, sing to and smile to these babies and pets are truly worth the effort. 
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