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Halloween Celebrations in Aged Care

Halloween has a special meaning in the lives of many seniors. This annual spooky holiday is an opportunity to relive youthful memories and re-live the shared experiences they had watching their own grandchildren celebrate this fun event!

Oktoberfest Theme Day in Aged Care

Oktoberfest is an annual German celebration for worlds largest beer fest and traveling funfair! It is a great theme day to celebrate in aged care and there are many fun activities you can do based around this event, don’t worry. they don’t all have to be about beer drinking, we have provided some helpful ideas […]

Olympics Quiz

Let’s celebrate the Olympic Games with this great quiz! Some fun and interesting facts that some seniors might know. Enjoy, learn and play together!

Celebrating World Music Day in Aged Care

On the 21st June, we celebrate World Music Day! It is a time to reflect on how music affects us all in can make us sad or happy, it can take us back to another time with memories and it can make us feel good.

The Queens Birthday Celebration

7-day virtual cruise for Seniors We hosted a 7-day virtual cruise for our family residents in aged care, the countries our seniors picked were Sailing from Wales, Italy, India, Hawaii, Jamaica, Greece, America.
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